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....... updated March 21, 2012....


This website for Diesel Park West will no longer be updated. Please check the official website at for updates. I will still be providing updates through facebook at:
New John Butler solo album due out soon!

Dave Gapinski


NEW! The new Diesel Park West recording called: Do Come In Excuse The Mess is now available exclusively from
Danville Records CD 002

docomein 1. Charlotte It’s All Over
2. Something Sad In The City
3. Lovers Voice
4. Arthur’s Song
5. I’m Not Broken
6. Last Show In Town
7. I Can’t Remember It
8. Colosseum TV
9. Real Good Life
10. You Brought Out The Good In Me

John Butler

Rick Willson

Geoff Beavan

Rob Morris

Above images courtesy Paul Needham - Mohawk Visuals

NEW!  DPW, Marrakesh Express, & John Butler live shows have been added to the Gigs page.

The official Diesel Park West website is now up and running! Check it out at

  There is a new John Butler website available on myspace. Go to

bloodgracealbum theresagracesingle personallives
Blood & Grace full length cd.
There's A Grace cd single.
Personal Lives cd single


The Diesel ParkWest DVD Damned Anthems is available for purchase. It is being released by Angel Air Records The catalog number is: NJPDVD628. will carry this release in NTSC for all of the DPW fans in North America.


Live in Nachtwerk, GERMANY February 1992 (44 minutes)
Like Princes Do, All The Myths On Sunday, Fall To Love, Walk With The Mountain,
Here I Stand, Boy On Top Of The News, Till The Moon Struck 2,
Safe Life, Safe Times, While The World Cries Decency,
When The Hoodoo Comes

Roskilde Festival, DENMARK July 1989 (32 minutes)
I Want No Mystery, Maybe Eastern Zone,Jackieʼs Still Sad,
Like Princes Do, Here I Stand, All The Myths On Sunday,
Mr Soul, Bell Of Hope, House Divide, Waking Hour,

Live in Alton, SWITZERLAND April 1992 (39 minutes)
All The Myths On Sunday, Fall To Love, Silver Girl,, Walk With The Mountain
Boy On Top Of The News ,Turn, Turn, Turn, Here I Stand,
Bell Of Hope, Doesnʼt Candy Look Good, Mr Soul,
Clutching At Love, Safe Life, Safe Times, While The World Cries Decency

BONUS FOOTAGE From The Fans (22 minutes)
Rock and Roll Woman, Revelation Calling, Hey Grandma

Recorded at The Boardwalk, Sheffield, 2004
When the Hoodoo Comes, Out Of Nowhere, House Divided

Recorded at Abbey Park Festival, Leicester 1988
Good Times-Liberation Blues

Recorded at The Charlotte, Leicester 1993 POP VIDEO SINGLE
1. Six Days at Ju Ju

1. In Germany before the War, 2. Good times Liberation Blues
3. You Killed Sugar Ray

History Of The Band


 Check out for some Diesel Park West videos! Several are currently listed. Simply click on videos, and search for Diesel Park West.


 There is now a place to get information on Diesel Park West at

Two years in the making, Not Lame Records has released Buffalo Springfield - Tribute "Five Way Street". Amoung the 21 songs included on this compact disc is a great Diesel Park West version of Hung Upside Down. This cd is available from


Below are a few places I have stumbled onto that are selling Diesel Park West cd's via the internet. Fans outside of Europe may have to get their copies this way. Don't forget about Ebay.




Thanks to everyone at for providing much of the above information.